Friday, January 23, 2015

Underground Railroad Quilt Part 2

In a previous post, I introduced Kathie Fiedler, a guest visiting us from Michigan who is a master quilt maker. She showed us her fabulous Underground Railroad quilt and in October she and her husband Robert returned and brought with them a wall hanging version of that same quilt which we purchased and now have hanging on the wall in our guest dining room. It has become a very unique and interesting conversation piece among our guests at breakfast and Joe, our resident historian/innkeeper, is very adept at pointing out and explaining what code is hidden in each of the squares.  Now when you come and stay at Hallauer House B & B you can immerse yourself in a new history lesson and we promise there will be no test afterward!

Kathie's Underground Railroad quilt wall hanging.
                  While we were visiting the National Cryptologic Museum at Ft. Meade in Maryland for our daughter's promotion to Petty Officer 1st Class in the US Coast Guard, we found on display a poster showing many Underground Railroad quilt squares and their meanings. Luckily I had my trusty camera handy so I took a picture of each square and decided to include them below. So hope you enjoy reading a little history and we do invite you to come as a guest and see the quilt up close and learn a little about the history of the Underground Railroad and Oberlin's role during this era of our country's history.

As a P.S. - The National Cryptologic Museum is a really fascinating and interesting place to visit when you are in the DC area and it's free. Go there! You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


It's that time of year when things slow down and we start experiencing cabin fever. So we are offering a cabin fever January special. Until Jan. 31st our Union and Confederate Rooms will be just $99.00 per night and the Mason/Dixon Suite will be just $149.00 per night. So what does this include you may ask?

  • FREE 3 course breakfast
  • FREE parking
  • FREE use of romantic Asian Spa
  • FREE use of exercise equipment
  • FREE billiards and ping pong
Take a tour of Hallauer House by clicking here and see all we have to offer. History stories and ghost stories are shared at breakfast but we don't divulge the haunted room until you come down in the morning! So what are you waiting for? Call now to schedule a break from cabin fever! 440-774-3400 or 877-774-3406.