Friday, August 24, 2007

The Best Night of the Year!

For most people, their idea of a great way to spend an evening is to get dressed up to the nines, drop some money at a very upscale restaurant and then maybe go dancing or off to the theatre. Or maybe its just go for a casual meal and then to a movie or local community play.

For Joe and me, it was last night. At 9pm here in Oberlin, Ohio it was still 80 degrees with lots of humidity in the air. Too hot for a chiminea fire on the beach or a pit fire on the hill at the Pavillion but just right for a relaxing float in the pool. So we donned our swim suits, grabbed a beach towel, lit the poolside candles, turned on the floating pool lights and lowered ourselves into the warm 88 degree waters of our swimming pool just in time to see the surrounding garden landscape lights and the mini white lights come on automatically to twinkle in the long line of evergreen boxwoods.

There is absolutely no better way to spend an evening than to lie back in a warm pool, enveloped by the darkness. With a 'noodle' under your head and one under your legs, you can float for hours while you look up at the stars and listen to the chirping of the night crickets and the outstanding music of the Cleveland Orchestra. It is THE most relaxing, theraputic, stress relieving acitivity you can possibly engage in. But with 365 days in a year, there are only a handful of days here in Ohio when you will be able to experience this incredible sensation.

Now it's time to put yourself into our pool. See yourself floating under the stars, surrounded by soft lights, soft music, and the soft sounds of the night while you sip a glass of fine wine or a cup of herbal tea. You're at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast. You are a guest and you won't be disappointed!

But unfortunately, there aren't many of these nights left. So think about it! Reserve a room at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast before the end of September and enjoy the last days of summer in warm water under the stars! You know you want to! Come as a stranger, but leave as a friend!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Great Sunday Brunch!

There's just 2 weeks left before Oberlin comes alive again with some college students coming for the first time and others returning for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year. The International students arrive around Aug. 25th and by Tues. the 28th the First Year students arrive with all their gear followed by the upper classmen on Labor Day weekend. Just a word of advise to new college parents - if your son or daughter will be attending college at a small school, be sure to check out the area accommodations, plan your yearly visits, and make reservations very early! A very limited number of rooms are available at B & B's and small hotels in college towns so the early birds get the best rooms, especially for Parent's Weekends and graduation.

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday here, very quiet after the guests checked out and before the new guests checked in, so we decided to go out for a late lunch. After much thought about where to go, it suddenly dawned on us that we hadn't been to The Feve in Oberlin for quite some time. So the decision was made and off we went to town. And lucky for us, we made it just in time before the Sunday Brunch hours ended! We sat at the curvatious downstairs bar where we were greeted with quick service and absolutely fantastic food! Almost as good as the Hallauer House breakfasts! Joe had the shrimp wrap with these amazing tater tots and I had a noodle dish with lots of herbs and veggies and a spinach salad with a lite vinegrette dressing. Scumptiously delicious! The brunch menu changes each week and as they say on their website "this keeps the cooks excited about the menu and keeps you from getting bored!" They also have a regular menu, lunch and dinner, as well as a full service bar with wine and at least a half dozen or more imported draft beers on tap.

So parents and visitors, when you come to Oberlin, be sure to visit The Feve. The students know all about it-it's a great college hangout so I'm sure they will guide their parents there, but if you're visiting or just passing through Oberlin, this is a great place to get some great food at some great prices. And be sure to visit their website at to get the complete picture and see the menu.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tantilizing Breakfasts!

If you're planning to visit, today in Oberlin, Ohio is a very hot day and from the weather forecasts, the rest of the week will be a scorcher also. We turned on the sprinklers as no rain is predicted and we're still 3 inches short of normal. Enough of the weather!

If you had stayed this week at Hallauer House, you would have had a couple of fantastic breakfasts or so our guests and 24 year old daughter have said.(Emily is our official taste tester and she said they were both the best ever!)

We started out on Monday with a menu of:

Hallauer House Healthful Muffins (our Blog namesake!)
Mixed Melon with Fresh Blackberries
mounded with Vanilla Yogurt
garnished with a fresh sprig of Lavendar

Macadamia Encrusted Tahitian French Toast Baguette
drizzled with warm Maple Syrup
garnished with a Hawaiian spear of a fresh Strawberry,
fresh Pineapple quarter, and fresh banana chunk

Carmelized Bacon Slices

On Tuesday our menu consisted of:

Petite Loaf of Praline Banana Bread
Vanilla Yogurt Parfait of Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Pineapple, & Banana
garnished with fresh stem of Lemon Verbena
Tarragon Egg Roulade
stuffed with fresh Onion, Green Pepper, & Cheddar Cheese
smothered with Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce & garnished
cayanne pepper
served on a bed of fresh Basil

Carmalized Ham Triangles

Of course all breakfasts come with choice of fruit juices, Coffee - plain or flavored, and an extensive selection of bagged or loose tea.

I would have taken a picture of the foods in the different menus but when you're getting a service out at 8:30 am, that is really hard to do! The weather was great so we were at the table on the pool deck. So I'm presenting a tablesetting picture with a view of the pool. To get the full effect you'll just have to come and visit!!!!The menus that I've shared are only two of the many that we have to offer. If you stay 10 times you will never have the same thing twice!

So come on over to Oberlin, Ohio and stay at Hallauer House B & B. The water is great so come and take a swim and enjoy a delicious mouth-watering gourmet breakfast!