Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And the Civil War Began On This Day

One hundred and fifty years ago the Civil War began and it did not end until over 625,000 people were killed. Over the next four years communities across the country will be commenorating this war with reninactments, talks, activities, and much more. Most of the battles occurred in Virginia, Mississippi, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and the Carolinas so people often wonder what role Ohio played in this part of history.

Bluffington, Ohio was the site of one battle between John Hunt Morgan (Morgan's Raiders) and some rag tag Union squirrel hunters and Ohio home guard. Morgan  and his troops were captured and imprisoned in Columbus but they eventually escaped. Ohio also housed a Confederated officers prison on Johnson's Island in Sandusky Bay.

But before the war actually began and for four years thereafter, Oberlin and Lorain County played a major role in events that shaped the future of the United States. A book has been written by Nat Brandt about Oberlin, "The Town That Started the Civil War" that details the trial that challenged the Fugitive Slave Law and sent the south on a head long plunge toward war. Oberlin and Lorain County also offered save houses on the Underground Railroad that protected runaway slaves as they made their way to freedom.

The Oberlin Heritage Center is engaged in a four year project to highlight what happened here 150 years ago. Read their Blog and delve into local history.

Over the next 4 years you may be planning to visit numerous Civil War battlefields and we would recomment that you do not miss Antitem and of course Gettysburg. But we also recommend that you add Oberlin to your list of Civil War places to visit. No battles occurred here but much history did transpire. Approximately 5000 to 6000 slaves made their way through our town to freedom. This is the story you will find here. People helping people. This is our story.

While you are planning your Civil War travels, be sure to take a look at our History Buff Package which includes a copy of the book "The Town That Started the Civil War" as well as a Civil War penny rug and complimentary tickets to the Oberlin Heritage Center. Stay for 2 nights and at breakfast each morning you will hear reviting stories from the very knowledgable innkeeper about Oberlin's role in the war and the Underground Railroad. While you are here you will see authentic Civil War swords, Confederate and Union reproduction uniforms and pistols, many books on the Civil War and the players involved, Civil War magazines, games, and iron toys.

If you have not already been to our website, be sure to navigate to there as we have a Civil War factoid on each page as well as some Civil War recipes. We hope to see you in the next 4 years and come back to this Blog frequently to get updates on any specials or activities that commenorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Give us a call. You know you want to!