Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome Bicyclists!

This has been a great summer for bike riding! And we have been an oasis for many riders as they stop overnight at Hallauer House to rest, relax, and cool off!

The first riders that we welcomed for a night in June, Todd and Bill, were riding on the "Freedom Tour." The purpose of their “Freedom Tour” was to bike 1700 miles in 30 days (from Mobile, Alabama to their home in Western New York, following the Adventure Cycling’s Underground Railroad Route). Their goal was to raise awareness and resources to help abolish Human Trafficking - the Modern Day Slavery and to honor the history of the Underground Railroad by riding this particular route to help free today’s slaves.
They arrived in mid afternoon and their first visit was to the swimming pool! At breakfast we learned about things that happened on their journey and their committment to the abolition of modern day slavery.

Our second bike rider, Frank, was traveling solo from Illinois to New York City. He called about accommodations when he stopped for pizza and when he arrived he spotted the pool and within 5 minutes guess where he went! You got it! Straight to the pool! It was 90 degrees and boy was he a happy camper!

Our third traveling bike riders, John and Pam, started in Kent, Ohio and were peddling down to Smithville, near Wooster. We were their second stop on a three day trip, and again it was hot and humid and their first stop - the pool!! They also took advantage of the dry heat sauna and the whirlpool tub but after a 50 mile bike ride, I couldn't talk them into trying out the treadmill or elliptical!

Our fourth biking couple, John and Raphael, stopped just last night, finishing up their last leg on the Underground Railroad Bike Tour. They joined the tour in Cincinnati and ended it here in Oberlin. But they arrived late and regretted that they were too tired to make it out to the pool.

Other couples have visited Oberlin and stayed with us so that they could bike on our Rails to Trails bike path. Oberlin is about half way so if you jump on the trail here and go east or west and then back to Oberlin, you will have gone approximately 13 miles. The entire trail is 13 miles in lenth so you could start and finish in Elyria or Kipton and rack up 26 miles total!

There is still a lot of summer left so if you want to have an adventure then get out the bike, put on the helmet, fill up on water and pedal on over to Oberlin. Check out the local Back Roads and Beaches tour also. And if you are planning a tour with Adventure Cycling, plan a stop with us. When it's hot and humid and you can't pedal another mile, come and cool off in the pool! You'll be glad you did!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Changes Are Not Fun!

Communicating through email has become so easy that's it almost effortless! But wait! What happens when your internet provider sells out to another company and the email address that you have used for years becomes null and void? That's just what Verizon did to it's loyal customers in Ohio and several other states. Verizon sold to Frontier and we decided that we did not want to be Therefore we are in the process of switching our email account to 'gmail.'

Now we have the inconvient 'fun' and expense of changing business cards, rack cards, website, business contacts, bed and breakfast directories, and oh so much more! We have been told that mail sent to our 'verizon address' will be forwarded to 'frontier' until Dec. 31, 2010 so hopefully no mail will be lost and we can get everything switched to gmail before then.

So here is our new address - If anyone reading this would like to give us a shout out at our new address, that would be great! Then we'll know that it's up and working!

For the next few months I'll be busy on the computer doing the switch. I really am not looking forward!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Open House


On Tuesday, July 13, Hallauer House B & B will be hosting the monthly "After Hours" get together for the Oberlin Chamber and Main Street. But beyond that, it will also be an Open House for businesses and friends and customers of businesses! In other words, we're open for house tours and garden tours for anyone who would like to drop by and say Hi!

The Open House time is 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M..

While you are here you will be able to sample some of the varieties of foods that we serve each morning at breakfast. See why we consider breakfast to be the "Kingly Meal!"

Now we had an open house a couple of years ago and a half hour before it started, we were hit with a severe thunder storm that unfortunately kept people at home! So just checked the weather forecast and once again it looks like afternoon thundershowers for Tuesday! Drat! But summer storms are usually short lived and the one two years ago ended just before 7:00 P.M.!

But the show goes on, rain or shine, and we hope to see you here! All we need from you is an


Call 440-774-3400 to put in your reservation!

See you Tuesday, July 13 at 5:00! Car pooling would be great! Give a call! You know you want to!