Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Muffins, Mutterings, and Musings

"Melt in your mouth goodness!"
" Divine!"
" Fantastic!"
" Scrumptious!"
" Outstanding!"
" Best I've ever had!"

Just a few of the comments guests have made to describe our breakfast muffins. So therein lies the reason for the first word in our Blog title. The other two words came about because they are defined as thoughts and expressions and they also form an alliteration with Muffins! So welcome to "Muffins, Mutterings, and Musings!" Smell the aroma! Or come and enjoy one in person!

Welcome to the 1830 Hallauer House Webblog

The "Gift of Love" by Nadama from her CD Lover's Lounge is playing on XM Radio on Direct TV, the sun is brightly shining and it certainly does not feel like tomorrow is the first day of Winter! It is almost 50 degrees here in Northeast Ohio! But the Christmas tree is up and all is ready for the big day on Monday.

If you have visited our web site,, you already know a couple of things about us - that both Joe and I are retired public school teachers and we're both from a food background, bakery and restaurant respectively.

Many years ago, after visiting a not so great B & B, we both agreed that we could run a B & B and do a much better job. So we proceeded to find the perfect house, launch our kids, retire, and just 4 years ago we welcomed our first guests into the 1830 Hallauer House Bed and Breakfast.

Through our web site and this web blog, we want to offer our guests and perspective guests the opportunity to see our B & B (bear with me while I learn how to get pictures uploaded!), learn a little about us, the history of this house, some US History about the Civil War era, and to explore the offerings of Oberlin College, the Oberlin Conservatory, the Oberlin City Community, Lorain County, and Northeast Ohio. And maybe we'll touch on some important things about the state of Ohio like "Go Ohio State Buckeyes!"

So come along with us as we begin our journey, weaving in and out of restaurants, museums, parks, theatres, shops, and oh so much more! Visit us in person, on our website, or continue to read our blog. But whichever you go to you will 'enter as strangers but leave as friends.'