Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do You Believe?

This is from a pure skeptic! (This post was written by my Innkeeper partner/husband)

We have had several "sensitive people" tell us that the room in the northwest corner of our house ( Union Room in the B & B) has a spirit.

The first occurrence of some note has been the 'odd' feeling people have shared when looking at the north window of the room - an eerie sensation that made them feel sad. I personally, began to weep while painting in that area over 8 years ago. (Maybe it was the paint fumes?)

Last year we had a 'ghost hunter' stay in that room but he experienced no sightings nor did he have any 'odd feelings'. But our youngest daughter claims that the lights flashed on and off one night while she was swimming in the pool and she knew for a fact that no one was staying in that room. She also claims that the bed shook one night as she slept in it. And now when she comes home to visit, she'd rather sleep on the sofa than in 'that' room! These occurrences were noted and ignored because of my skeptical nature and lack of belief in 'ghosts'. But a few days ago a much more detailed story emerged.

I was preparing for breakfast when a guest came down early for coffee. He struck up a conversation in which he claimed to be very sensitive to feelings and spirits. He began talking about two people he encountered in the room. He described one as being a woman in black mourning clothes waiting at the north window for a man who would not return. He had a strong feeling that the woman's name began with the letter F. The man was standing behind her but she could not see him nor feel him.

Now several months ago a neighbor told me the story of one of her ancestors, Francis Barnard McRoberts, who lived in this house in the early 1900's. It seems that her husband, a Pitt McRoberts, was bitten by a rabid horse and needed to travel to Chicago for treatment. A year later he died there, having never returned home to his house in Oberlin. The irony is that in the Union Room, where our guest saw the 'woman in black' she was looking in the direction of the Chicago/Buffalo rail line that went through Oberlin just north of our house. Could she have been Francis waiting for her husband, Pitt, to return to her, cured of his illness? Was he trying to comfort her?

The most compelling of facts in these stories is that they all occurred in the same room - the Union Room, with no corroboration between the tellers. If we do have a spirit visitor in our house, I'd like to meet her and charge her for all of the nights she has been in that room since we are now a Bed & Breakfast! (but I guess she doesn't eat much breakfast!)

Are you a believer?!! Have you been a guest in that room and did you have any 'strange feelings' or odd occurrences while there? If so, let us know. Do you want to book a night in the Union Room? It is almost Halloween night! Maybe the spirits will be up and about, weeping and wondering! Come for a visit and meet Francis. She wants to meet you!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I just received a call from the Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association informing us that Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast is one of three finalists for Ohio B & B of the Year!!!!! Yeah! The winner will be announced at the annual gala in November! I will have to buy a new outfit! We are so excited and so honored! Cross your fingers for us and we will let you know the results!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Review!

"Best B & B " 10/6/2010

Stayed On: 8/2010

As Civil War Reenactor's when we saw this place on line we had to give it a try. What a wonderful time we had at Hallauer House! It definately lived up to and beyond our expectations.The room was great and comfortable. The snack's and the drink's in the fridge were great after coming back from a long day at the Pontiac National's in Norwalk. Our hosts Joe and Sue were great in every aspect! Not a more warm and inviting couple of people have I ever met. The breakfast's were beyond expectation ! We very much appricated the pool as it was very refreshing in the evening. We also enjoyed having Duke around as we ate breakfast buy the pool! Anyone visiting anywhere near the Oberlin area doesn't know what they"re missing if they don't stay here. We are looking forward to returning again!

Posted on on October 7, 2010


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Veteran's Day

November 10th is a special day set aside to honor our military personnel, both active duty and retired, for the service that they have, or are giving to our country. So in honor of all of these great men and women we are joining with over 280 Bed and Breakfasts nationwide in 40 states, to say "ThankYou!"

If you have a valid Military ID or an ID card from the Veterans Administration, we welcome you to book a FREE room here at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast or at one of the other participating B & B's for Wednesday, November 10, 2010 ONLY. You and your spouse/partner are welcome and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. ID will be required at check-in! If you cannot come to Oberlin then check out this website to find other participating B & B's in one of the other 40 states.

Throughout the year we give a 20% discount to active duty or retired military personnel and we especially like Coasties from the US Coast Guard since our youngest
daughter is now a Petty Officer IT2 stationed in Key West, FL. Yeah Emily!

If you have never stayed at a B & B before then this is your chance to give it a try. We have everything the big hotels have but we are small, friendly, and welcoming to all. Check our website! We promise you won't be disappointed! Go on! Call! You know you want to!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's new in Oberlin

Downtown Oberlin will be seeing some new business faces in the very near future. The East College Street Project is just about finished and they will be holding an open house next Saturday, October 9, from 2:00 to 4:00. This revitalized corner on College and Pleasant Streets could turn Oberlin into a destination hot spot and create a hub for activity.

Already opened is the Slow Train Cafe, a locally owned coffee shop, wine and drink bar with musical entertainment. With their free WIFI, you can surf and sip til your heart's content! Soon to open is Magpie Pizza, a gourmet pizza shop featuring fresh, quality ingredients served in a casual atmosphere. Kim's Market is planning to sell Asian foods plus fresh homemade authentic Korean food for carry out. Cafe Sprouts, a vegan juice bar, just recently had it's grand opening. A unique furniture gallery called Tansu will open soon as will Isabella and Company accountant firm.

The East College Street Project is a LEED building and is available for both residential and commercial leasing. Just 1,600 square feet of retail space and 2,500 square feet of office and studio space remain to be leased so it will be fun to see what other new and unique businesses will move into downtown Oberlin. Of the 33 available condo apartments, only 8 remain to be leased.

So when you come to stay at Hallauer House B & B be sure to visit the new businesses in our bustling down town. We may be a small town but we have a big city atmosphere! We'll see you at the open house next Satruday, Oct.9.